Configure EdgeSync on an Edge Transport Server

  1. You must export the Edge transport subscription file which is in XML format.
  2. Make sure ports 50389(LDAP) and 50636(Secure LDAP) are open between the hub server and edge transport server(s).
  3. Open Exchange management shell or EMS on the Edge Transport server to export the subscription file New -EdgeSubscription -Filename “c:EdgeSubscriptionInfo.xml”
  4. Copy the file to the hub transport server.  On the Hub Transport server go to the Exchange Management Console or EMC in the results pane for the hub transport role click the edge subscription tab.
  5. click New Edge Subscription
  6. Select an AD site.
  7. Browse to your exported file, click next
  8. click new
  9. click finish
  10. Under EMS New -EdgeSubscription -filename “c:EdgeSubscriptionInfo.xml” -CreateInternetSendConnector $true -site “default-first-site-name”
  11. check the application log on both the servers for MsExchange EdgeSync events.

There are four primary commands for EdgeSync
Get -EdgeSubscription optional -Identity [EdgeServerName]
New -EdgeSubscription
remove -EdgeSubscription
start -EdgeSynchronization

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