Exchange Server 2007 licensing standard or enterprise?

Exchange Server 2007 Editions

Exchange Server 2007 is offered in two server editions: Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition is designed to meet the messaging and collaboration needs of small and medium corporations; it may also be appropriate for specific server roles or branch offices.
Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Edition, designed for large enterprise corporations, enables creation of multiple storage groups and databases.
Exchange Server 2007 Edition Offerings
Feature Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Storage Group Support 5 storage groups 50 storage groups
Database Support 5 databases 50 databases
Database Storage Limit 16 TB per database 16 TB per database
Single Copy Clusters Not supported Supported
Local Continuous Replication Supported Supported
Cluster Continuous Replication Not supported Supported
Standby Continuous Replication *** Supported Supported

The numbers of storage groups and databases in the above table is the maximum number of each object that can be created in each edition of Exchange Server 2007. In both editions of Exchange Server 2007, each storage group is limited to a maximum of five databases. Therefore, on the Standard Edition of Exchange Server 2007, the maximum number of databases per server is five, and on the Enterprise Edition of Exchange Server 2007, the maximum number of databases per server is fifty. For more information, see Managing Storage Groups and Databases at

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