Upgrading Exchange 2007 CCR cluster to SP2

Upgrade Order

  1. CAS
  2. UM
  3. HUB
  4. EDGE

Upgrade passive node first
Browse to the SP2 files setup.com /Mode:Upgrade
restart and wait for server to come back online
Login to the passive node and open Exchange Console
Stop-ClusteredMailboxServer Mailbox –StopReason “Upgrade to SP2”
Confirm the state of the cluster is Offline
Now we want to move the cluster
Move-ClusteredMailboxServer Mailbox –TargetMachine Cluster2 –MoveComment “Upgrade to SP2”
Upgrade CMS
Setup.com /UpgradeCMS
Open Failover Cluster Management in the administrative tools and verify the status is online at this point
Upgrade the primary node which is now the passive one
Setup.com /Mode:Upgrade
Restart the server you are now at SP2 for Exchange 2007
Move the cluster back to your primary server
Move-ClusteredMailboxServer Mailbox –TargetMachine Cluster1 –MoveComment “Upgrade to SP2”

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