How To Recover Critical Data with Disaster Recovery Consulting

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Many large scale businesses rely on information technology where data availability is the top most priority that needs a thorough disaster recovery plan. Almost 60% of North American businesses do not have disaster recovery due to lack of time and budget. The companies cannot afford to have seconds of downtime, which can affect their workforce and results in low productivity, decrease in returns and loss of trustworthy customers.
The studies have shown that 50% of organizations can go out of business within 2 years due to loss of data with no disaster recovery plan. Therefore, resuming IT services with a proper data disaster recovery plan is a recipe for a successful business. The businesses today need to prepare for absolutely anything huge, similar to fire, earthquake, terrorist attack as happened at WTC; or very small like email virus, a computer virus. Disaster recovery is the process of restoring of organizations to normal running state and resume from a troublesome event without suffering any business loss.
Enterprises have realized the need of security, importance of disaster recovery, storage and back up services, therefore prioritize these services even with a squeezed budget. They know they cannot cut too many corners in security levels while preparing their budgeting plans. The enterprises looking for disaster recovery, business continuity services and storage solutions, can rely on Velocity, the leading provider of these services. Velocity suggest a comprehensive approach with a disaster recovery solution so that enterprises make money even after disruptive events or failure that business face from time to time.
What Makes Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Possible?
Due to demand of faster recovery and that too at low cost, about 87% of organizations are using or planning to use cloud based recovery solutions. The cloud based recovery solutions have made it possible for the easy backup for off site data. Most companies think the potential risk is related to recovering data locally from regional sites due to weather or geographical issues. Restoring of remote data with any physical medium such as tape is very time consuming and totally risk oriented. The cloud provides them the ability to recover remote data and store it online.
However, cloud has some limitations such as there are no automatic prompt generation points for backing up data to third party infrastructure and does not capture related applications, as a result internal team needs to maintain resources. The cloud does not provide a pre configured failover environment.
In such cases Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) is the best option that most companies are opting for. DRaaS helps the organizations to back up anything from a single system to entire data center. This service is not only inexpensive but also offers a new failover environment along with expert resource to optimize services according to the risk involved.
What Is DRaaS And Who Can Provide DRaaS?
Velocity, based out of Phoenix, AZ, proudly serves all kinds of businesses with DRaaS (Disaster Recovery As A Service) that allows businesses to have multi-tier infrastructure, failover environment on a pay per use basis. This allows enterprises to get services for a real life disaster or just for testing purposes. The services offered are highly reliable and affordable that fits all businesses. The system provides automated data back-up and recovery solutions with very lesser time as compared to traditional IT infrastructure.
DRaaS offers a large number of benefits in the form of better services as compared to traditional recovery method, that includes :-
• Highly economically scalable as customers are only booting a virtual machine in case of disrupting event or a test.
• The cost is calculated on the base of Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), that helps customers to pay under the budgetary limits.
• Businesses get automated services with cloud based disaster recovery solutions and allows them to have more non-disruptive tests.
• DRaaS provider, Velocity, offers flexible, customized models for small scale business for short term so as to adapt to the enterprise’s changing needs.
What Services Enterprises Can Expect With DRaaS?
The first and foremost step to DRaaS is secure, consistent and high speed recovery Storage Replication. Velocity serve their customers with best Disaster Recovery services which enable faster re-connections with system, network procedures and processes. The business high demands along with complications are solved with low cost, enabling people to work and progress with well structured disaster recovery setup. The virtual machine not only back up data but also configures the server with snapshots. Velocity has developed an alternative to the traditional IT infrastructure to fulfil the security needs, high speed recovery at a very low cost.
Velocity has managed to offer a storage replication solution with robust disaster recovery strategy:-
• Offers monthly charge per Gigabyte for more flexibility in case of space, storage and power consumption.
• Full services that include, modification, sharing and partitioning; are less time consuming and cost effective.
• Customized replication services.
• Support asynchronous and synchronous storage replication alternatives.
• Highly scalable, either scale-up or scale-down.
• Deliver reliable services with high performance.
• Simplifying storage decisions.
Are you one of those enterprises looking for cloud as a backup storage tier and worried about the cost and other factors. Velocity offers a consulting service where you can discuss your requirements and get your queries answered. Ask as many queries regarding a backup and recovery service, how to fit the recovery strategy with the current architecture, and the cloud capabilities needed for your enterprise. Your enterprise will be one of those 87% of organizations that are either planning to use or using the cloud as the disaster recovery solution. The reason is simple, cloud is going to stay and more and more customers recommend this while thinking it as a viable option for disaster recovery.
Let us managed the stress of your storage management burden with protected and secured Storage Replication system if you are looking for a free consultation please feel to contact Velocity with physical offices in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson Arizona.

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