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Cisco 5500x Understanding Licensing and Purchasing

  The new Cisco 5500x firewalls can be purchased now with FirePOWER services. The first thing to decide when purchasing a 5506-x is the base model. You basically have two to choose from one with wireless and one without, the difference is about $250. Once you decide that you need to figure out if you […]

Free Device Management or MDM

  Are you looking for a 100% free MDM or mobile device management solution? Cisco Meraki Systems Manager is a free feature that allows you to control all types of devices on your network. It supports iOS as well! With Meraki Systems Manager allows you can configure, monitor and update your mobile clients, from iPods […]

Velocity Partners with Proofpoint

Velocity has made a strategic decision to start offering Proofpoint services due to their highly respected platform for email security, archiving, and encryption. Proofpoint’s document on defending against dark arts explains some of the risks today. Defense Against the Dark Arts Whitepaper What is the human factor? When it comes to security your weakest defense […]

Why You Need Additional Security than what Office365 Offers

You may have recently migrated to Office365 from an on premise solution. You assume all is good from a security perspective. However, this whitepaper explains why you need more security than what is being offered. improve-security-office-365 Contact us today to see What type of solution we can put together to help youimprove security.

Why Choose Fortinet?

This PDF is an excellent explanation of where Fortinet is going and why you should be securing your infrastructure using Fortinet. NSE-L1-M06-Corp-Overview-Q2-2015-bshark.pptx