Modern Network Security Study Guide for Fortinet NSE1

This is the guide that is used to pass the NSE1 certification.

Are the Hashed Passwords Secure?

When the website was hacked the hackers released the entire dump of hashed passwords. Hashed passwords are passwords that have been converted from plaintext to a garbled set of characters so that if someone compromises the file they cannot simply read the passwords. In this example Ashley Madison used salted bcrypt with a cost of 12 for their encryption. If you research this encryption you will find things like “it’s not worth the time cracking”. However, if you actually go through the steps you can actually extract passwords.
The first thing to do obviously is head over to Pirate Bay and download the torrents which contain all the files:
If you get these torrents on a Windows box you’re going to have to enable SSH and use WinSCP to transfer the files to your Kali Linux box.
The first thing to notice is they dumped the member_login.dump as a mysqldump file. So we perform the following steps:
gunzip member_login.dump.gz
tr , '\n' < member_login.dump > member_login.txt # switching to commas for the new lines
grep "\$2a" member_login.txt > member_login2.txt # grepping out hashes
tr -d "\'" < member_login2.txt > member_login_final.txt # single quotes need to be removed

This remaining file will be 2.1GB with 36 million passwords. When we run this command against it…
./oclHashcat32.bin -m3200 -a0 member_login_final.txt rockyou.txt --force --weak-hash-threshold 0
Let’s say you are not lucky enough to have a GPU based cracker. You can also just use the regular hashcat program

cd /usr/share/hashcat/
./hashcat.bin -m3200 -a0 /root/AshleyMadison/member_login_final.txt /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt

This attack is a basic -a0 attack using the rockyou.txt file included with Kali Linux. This will start extracting passwords, however be warned, this is going to be extremely slow! Perhaps should have used a security consulting company?

Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing

If you are looking for a great guide on learning Kali linux look no further!


When you are looking for enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) for your virtualized IT infrastructure & cloud Zerto is one of the best solutions around. Zerto Virtual Replication is one of the most comprehensive hyper-visor based replication solution for VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V. If you’re looking to replace the traditional array-based BCDR that was not really designed to deal with virtual IT environments we love Zerto Disaster Recovery solutions.

Stratusphere FIT

Clients sometimes ask what solutions we use to products we use to gauge performance moving to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or RDS-hosted applications. One of the tools is Stratusphere FIT they are a leader in virtual desktop assessments. With this software we can assist your organization in capturing desktop and end-user computing statistics. Some of the deliverables include application and image design, information to support hardware sizing, and application design to support user pooling and tiering. With software like Stratusphere FIT we can capture what we consider critically essential information that helps us define the normal standards to provide clients with hardware sizing.
What we can do with our VDI assessments:
• Quantify machine, user, application, operating system and infrastructure metrics
• Figure out “standard” performance thresholds and a baseline user experience
• Visibility into user persona and authored data
• Access applications for usage and master image strategy
• Pool users into tiered groups, supporting an optimal desktop architecture
• Support a thoughtful application strategy based on actual use and consumed resources
• Design and right-size the supporting infrastructure capacity which includes CPU, RAM, GPU, Storage, and IOPs

Scalable Server Infrastructure Using Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Many corporate data centers have gradually grown quite fat over the last ten years of development. The physical servers are now a minority, and the virtual servers have taken over on an unprecedented scale and this has made infrastructure heavier than most had expected.
The starting point was well actually to reduce or even get more out of what we already had. Out of this diverse development a new technology emerged almost instantly, and the scalable server infrastructure is now quite incredible in scope when it comes to virtualization supporting software, storage, or application integration.
The concept “Hyperconverged Infrastructure” was born in this new morass, seeking to create value on several of these fronts by collecting the necessary hardware components in a single stack, thus using something smart software to a greater or lesser degree that could automate deployment of machines or using Click’N’Drop templates. All this to simplify and shorten the IT department workflows in the provision of new services.
Scalable Server Infrastructure to Gage into the Future
The most important argument for Hyper Convergence is an oversimplification of virtual environments. Additional capacity can be added via scale-out by simply pushing another x86 server in the rack. Its mass storage can be quickly integrated into the storage pool. Hyper Convergence consists in its simplicity exclusively of physical servers with smart software can provide both compute, storage, hypervisor and management – and all in a super ‘scale-out’ format.
The Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions can scale in unusually large scale, which also makes them relevant to the enterprise-level. Imagine if a company is about to replace its infrastructure or to buy into new projects – for example, VDI or BI, often hardware-intensive projects. So one might, therefore, consider a software-based solution. Until now, you had to buy components for network servers and not least storage infrastructure, thus budget typically would be of a significant size. Not to mention the need for skilled IT resources to the various disciplines.
Nutanix has the solutions
The inherent logic of storage and computing power is evident not only in the growth of the necessary capacity but even as the needs of different applications. The smartest suppliers of ‘Hyperconvergence’, for example, Nutanix, are going to change this image and deliver more accessible, open and scalable server infrastructure than previously seen.
Nutanix responded with various equipped appliances that contain either more or less RAM, CPUs, or storage. The Hyperconverged Infrastructure of Nutanix is the ideal platform for IT services with high standards of performance, availability and flexibility. The fully integrated design combines x86 compute and storage nodes in a single appliance.
Inspired by SAN-less distributed systems that Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter use, Nutanix provides a unique and integrated platform for virtualized data centers without a SAN. The Nutanix technology integrates storage and computing power in a single device that scales from 3 to hundreds of nodes. This next generation concept is a simple, affordable, flexible and ultra-fast data center, virtualized applications that can run in all its simplicity.
A Nutanix system is a combined solution, which consists of storage systems, means of communication and processing power for the processing of information. By matching the requirement of storage as well as on both compute power, the solution is linearly scalable.
The software-based solution is delivered as a bundled solution in an appliance. The Controller VM (CVM) is the location where the intelligence of the Nutanix software is included. The standardized and modular design allows to add additional appliances and to connect as many nodes as needed to form a complete unit. This creates a software-defined data center, which is easily managed through intelligent software and a unified interface.
The advantages of Nutanix’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure is to bring any company size and industry a tremendous benefit through scalable server infrastructure. An advantage of this is that it is not necessary to change hardware components, but a software update can be used to replace a hardware upgrade.
Velocity Technologies is a partner and Hyperconverged Consultant based out of Phoenix, AZ. If you are looking for a solution to migrate your infrastructure contact us today, 602-445-9816.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Migrate from Exchange to Office 365

There are a huge number of users on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 all over the world. People were really happy with Exchange Server. But after the launch of Office 365, things have changed. Now they are adopting Office 365 because there are many great benefits of using the cloud-based e-mail environment of Office 365 over Exchange Server.
In this blog post, I will walk you through the reasons why you should migrate from Exchange Server to Office 365.
1. The real-time synchronization feature is awesome. You can connect from any device, from anywhere.
In Office 365, your emails are automatically synchronized. So you can access your e-mails easily from any device such as a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Easy accessibility saves a lot of time.
2. There are excellent security features. So your data is always safe in the cloud.
There is an built in anti-malware protection system that prevents your e-mails from threats and attacks, and with the powerful data security features, your data is always safe. Your e-mails are scanned for viruses, spyware, and malware every now and then. Additionally, you also have full control over your data.
3. Office 365 is reliable. You get a 99.9% up-time guarantee.
Reliability is one of the main features of Office 365. As Office 365 provides a 99.999% uptime guarantee, you can fully rely on it. That means you are getting a certainty of all time accessibility.
4. Reduced hardware and software maintenance cost.
Exchange Server is associated with a good amount of hardware and software maintenance cost, where Office 365 frees yourself from it. Here you don’t have to suffer from the hardware and software maintenance difficulties.
5. Reduced administration and staffing cost.
Similar to the above point, Exchange Server requires administration work, so staffing is necessary. So there is a good amount of administration and staffing cost associated. On the other hand, administration and staffing are limited in Office 365.
6. Managing multiple user accounts is easy.
The admin center in Office 365 allows you to manage accounts almost effortlessly. You can easily create, delete and restore user accounts.
7. Subscription plans are very flexible. You can choose an affordable one.
There is a variety of subscription plans available in Office 365 such as Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium to name a few. Based on your budget and needs, you can easily subscribe to and change a plan. There are also plans that are designed specifically for email services.
8. Office 365 is easy to use. It’s very user-friendly.
Office 365 has a simple user-interface that lets you use its features very easily and comfortably. These easy-to-use features enable you to perform tasks quickly, which give you a productivity boost at your work.
9. Excellent web and phone support
If you have any issues with Office 365, you can contact the support center anytime. Their excellent web and 24/7 phone support are always there to assist you.
10. Lots of additional e-mail features are available.
There are many e-mail centric features in Office 365. For example, there is a feature called eDiscovery that lets you analyze data. Office 365 allows you to use your own server or you can implement hosted email if you want. You also get an ad-free inbox.
This is just a list of 10 reasons why you should migrate to Office 365. In addition to these points, there are many more features and services that are really helpful and increase your productivity at work.
So what are you waiting for? If you need help in migrating from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 to Office 365 or if you need Office365 consulting, Contact Velocity Technologies , we are here to help. Call us today, 602-445-9816

Hyperconverged Solutions For Next-Generation Enterprise

Hyperconverged solutions are the biggest trends in the world of virtualization. The data center during the last five years or more has been changed and turned into integrated stacks that merge computing platforms, storage space, and networking into a complete system. The converged infrastructure is becoming so popular and rapidly transforming the world of information. The users who consume IT think Hyperconverged solutions is an ideal technique because it is so easy to use and reduces implementation time if something goes wrong.
The next generation enterprises are totally going to lean on newest development hyper-converged system in the scale-out computing technology, where it has a single node for storage, networking, computing and virtualization. The system has the simplified installation and administration that helps add more nodes to make it more scalable. Many storage problems can be easily solved with (SDS) software-defined storage for which enterprises can avoid the extra cost of staff and maintenance services. Nutanix provides such high quality applications and services that powers businesses in the online market. Due changing demands of today’s business world that needs simple, and less complications in operating with the storage services. Velocity has partnered with Nutanix who leads with highly integrated software driven storage known as Hyperconverged system.
How Hyperconverged System Is Different From Converged System?
It is very important to know the differences between the traditional infrastructure, converged system, and the hyper-converged solutions. The traditional system of network infrastructure was built on the basis of hierarchical model that has three layers. The data center core layer connects to the distribution layer and it is further connected to the third layer called, access layer. The access layer is commonly located at the top of the rack and can have a vast number of ports for faster communication. This storage system is very expensive, complex, outdated, face many challenges it is maintained separately for storage, computing, and networking. The converged system is a further improved system over traditional infrastructure as it combines two or more of these infrastructure components to provide pre-engineered solutions.
Comparatively hyperconverged infrastructure is a software centric architecture that is quick to deploy, simplified management where complete virtual infrastructure is managed through a single interface without any specific server, or virtualization specialist. It works wonders for any kind of businesses, while eliminating hardware silos, performance tuning, and easy business resiliency.
Who Is The Leader In Hyper Convergence?
Velocity’s services rely on Nutanix as one of the fast emerging and most trustworthy leaders in creating a Hyperconverged infrastructure and SDS (software defined storage) with innovative and fresh possibilities to the data center. Nutanix recommends built-in virtualization that makes whole infrastructure invisible and thus reduces space and storage complexities. It offers the software that completely transforms all the components into single x86 based component.
Velocity and Nutanix can provide services with lower costs, efficient operations, unlimited scalability, faster time in buying, deploying and managing. The software is easy to operate, resulting in saving time of handling issues and allows the enterprises to spend more time on innovations to expand their businesses. The main features include, intelligent software without having to spend time on handling hardware issues; all data, metadata are distributed efficiently across the entire cluster; tolerant to component failures with automatic recovery; simplified managing with single interface; wide-ranging mechanization for data efficiency.
How It Works?
The data center is fully software defined that consists of many layers such as the storage layer, compute layer, networking layer and services layer. The storage layer is gaining the popularity as it helps in building a product that reduces major challenges in the field of information technology. The hyper convergence is possible with the server hardware that uses a virtual storage application which manages SSDs and spinning disks that interact with the VSA in other nodes, and therefore creates a collective distributed file system and passes data to the hypervisors through iSCSI or NFS. Further vCenter plug-in is used to manage the whole process in the back end, by the virtualization.
There are basic features delivered with storage services that include, Dynamic tiers not just restricted to 2-3 tiers, use of server side cache devices due to cost effective caching, variety of data replication, high performance & ensured quality of service, creating proper backups, de-duplication helps to save money, compression for improving storage capacity, virtual desktop or cloning features improves overall performance of the system.
The virtualization is basically a primary component of SDS which is considered to be the superset technology on which whole hyper convergence solutions are based on. And virtualization is the abstraction through which all work load is operated by the virtual machine. The storage defined software is completely based on abstraction that means resources are decoupled away from the hardware. This improves performance and mechanizing the software by letting it decide how much to store according to the application needs.
Thus, SDS is not just a software or virtualization, or disparate storage, but it is a combination of all and is about performance, lower costs, intelligent data placement, complete management control, and fully automated.
What Benefits Can Businesses Get From SDS?
The Hyperconverged solutions have become a trend only because it provide such tangible and ongoing business benefits to large, medium or small scale organizations. The next generation enterprises are going to rely on hyperconverged system as it adds extra space, low power consumption and cooling load.
Enterprises use silos for performance instead of using VM that works against the needs. The new trend is more simplified infrastructure, efficient use of existing resources, implements private cloud functionality with details of how much storage is consumed, allowing the business to optimize its environment. It also helps organizations to work in an innovative environment of virtual desktops, data analytics, improved power and capacity of the server, well designed storage system.
Join today in a Live 15-Minute Demo to see how invisible infrastructure can enhance your enterprise.

How To Recover Critical Data with Disaster Recovery Consulting

We Help To Recover Critical Data And Keeps Your Business Running

Many large scale businesses rely on information technology where data availability is the top most priority that needs a thorough disaster recovery plan. Almost 60% of North American businesses do not have disaster recovery due to lack of time and budget. The companies cannot afford to have seconds of downtime, which can affect their workforce and results in low productivity, decrease in returns and loss of trustworthy customers.
The studies have shown that 50% of organizations can go out of business within 2 years due to loss of data with no disaster recovery plan. Therefore, resuming IT services with a proper data disaster recovery plan is a recipe for a successful business. The businesses today need to prepare for absolutely anything huge, similar to fire, earthquake, terrorist attack as happened at WTC; or very small like email virus, a computer virus. Disaster recovery is the process of restoring of organizations to normal running state and resume from a troublesome event without suffering any business loss.
Enterprises have realized the need of security, importance of disaster recovery, storage and back up services, therefore prioritize these services even with a squeezed budget. They know they cannot cut too many corners in security levels while preparing their budgeting plans. The enterprises looking for disaster recovery, business continuity services and storage solutions, can rely on Velocity, the leading provider of these services. Velocity suggest a comprehensive approach with a disaster recovery solution so that enterprises make money even after disruptive events or failure that business face from time to time.
What Makes Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Possible?
Due to demand of faster recovery and that too at low cost, about 87% of organizations are using or planning to use cloud based recovery solutions. The cloud based recovery solutions have made it possible for the easy backup for off site data. Most companies think the potential risk is related to recovering data locally from regional sites due to weather or geographical issues. Restoring of remote data with any physical medium such as tape is very time consuming and totally risk oriented. The cloud provides them the ability to recover remote data and store it online.
However, cloud has some limitations such as there are no automatic prompt generation points for backing up data to third party infrastructure and does not capture related applications, as a result internal team needs to maintain resources. The cloud does not provide a pre configured failover environment.
In such cases Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) is the best option that most companies are opting for. DRaaS helps the organizations to back up anything from a single system to entire data center. This service is not only inexpensive but also offers a new failover environment along with expert resource to optimize services according to the risk involved.
What Is DRaaS And Who Can Provide DRaaS?
Velocity, based out of Phoenix, AZ, proudly serves all kinds of businesses with DRaaS (Disaster Recovery As A Service) that allows businesses to have multi-tier infrastructure, failover environment on a pay per use basis. This allows enterprises to get services for a real life disaster or just for testing purposes. The services offered are highly reliable and affordable that fits all businesses. The system provides automated data back-up and recovery solutions with very lesser time as compared to traditional IT infrastructure.
DRaaS offers a large number of benefits in the form of better services as compared to traditional recovery method, that includes :-
• Highly economically scalable as customers are only booting a virtual machine in case of disrupting event or a test.
• The cost is calculated on the base of Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), that helps customers to pay under the budgetary limits.
• Businesses get automated services with cloud based disaster recovery solutions and allows them to have more non-disruptive tests.
• DRaaS provider, Velocity, offers flexible, customized models for small scale business for short term so as to adapt to the enterprise’s changing needs.
What Services Enterprises Can Expect With DRaaS?
The first and foremost step to DRaaS is secure, consistent and high speed recovery Storage Replication. Velocity serve their customers with best Disaster Recovery services which enable faster re-connections with system, network procedures and processes. The business high demands along with complications are solved with low cost, enabling people to work and progress with well structured disaster recovery setup. The virtual machine not only back up data but also configures the server with snapshots. Velocity has developed an alternative to the traditional IT infrastructure to fulfil the security needs, high speed recovery at a very low cost.
Velocity has managed to offer a storage replication solution with robust disaster recovery strategy:-
• Offers monthly charge per Gigabyte for more flexibility in case of space, storage and power consumption.
• Full services that include, modification, sharing and partitioning; are less time consuming and cost effective.
• Customized replication services.
• Support asynchronous and synchronous storage replication alternatives.
• Highly scalable, either scale-up or scale-down.
• Deliver reliable services with high performance.
• Simplifying storage decisions.
Are you one of those enterprises looking for cloud as a backup storage tier and worried about the cost and other factors. Velocity offers a consulting service where you can discuss your requirements and get your queries answered. Ask as many queries regarding a backup and recovery service, how to fit the recovery strategy with the current architecture, and the cloud capabilities needed for your enterprise. Your enterprise will be one of those 87% of organizations that are either planning to use or using the cloud as the disaster recovery solution. The reason is simple, cloud is going to stay and more and more customers recommend this while thinking it as a viable option for disaster recovery.
Let us managed the stress of your storage management burden with protected and secured Storage Replication system if you are looking for a free consultation please feel to contact Velocity with physical offices in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson Arizona.

Computer Network Security Solutions Consultant

Why You Need a Computer Network Security Solutions Consultant?

In the world of ever-evolving and increasing internet threats, computer network security has become a major concern. Computer networking was invented for communication between computers become much faster and easier than any other mode of communication. Computer networking empowered the user with a hassle free remote access program while reducing the business process expenses. Thus, in short, with the assistance of an effective computer networking, accumulating and sending information to multiple resources has become an effortless process.
However, these days computer hacking poses a grave threat to your business. This threat may lead to:
• Illegal modification of files, deletion and access to information stored on a system.
• Infringement on the private data, software stored on computers.
• Illegitimate searching and browsing.
• Unlawful attempts to breach computer security system, etc.
Why Computer Network Security Is Essential?
Computer Network Security is a very delicate subject these days because the world is getting digitized very rapidly. Every business, whether it is small or the larger one require safe and secure network to transmit the data and other crucial documents over the internet. Computers get hacked due to various critical data get stored on these machines. Normally, it has a common perception that hackers are outsiders, but this is not always true. With a sinister intention, the evil could also be the insider and this could be as dangerous as an outsider is or even more!
Mainly, there are two common types of computer network security systems: traffic regulation and transit security. When both these joined and performed appropriately, one can be assured that the information is sent to the right person without any problems.
How to Stay Protected From Computer Network Security Issues?
The simplest form of ensuring security on the network is to keep a keen eye on the type of data packets moving between the networks. If any kind of infected packet does not reach the recipient, there is no need to worry about it. Being a user here are few tips that can be done to prevent the emerging Computer Network Security Issues:
• Take sufficient backups after a certain period of time.
• Operating system installed on the computer must be updated.
• Security system having a single point of failure should be avoided.
• Firewalls should be installed with the help of network support providers, etc.
Why One Should Take The Assistance of Computer Network Security Experts?
Proper computer network security takes the burden off of your shoulders, and protects business and home networks from various network threats. With the emerging number of security issues, it becomes more important to put one’s network into the hands of a highly experienced, certified, and skilled professional for the job. Thus, when one is considering for ever-expanding array of network threats, one must allow specialists to manage the defense. How else can we have confidence that all of our precious information is secure?
Velocity Technologies offers valuable Computer Network Security and Solution Services over past many years and well known for offering quality and reliable services to make your network safe and secure. For more information regarding our services, please feel free to call us, 602-445-9816. We are always here to assist you!