Trixbox PBX

If you are a small business and you are technical or have an employee that is then Trixbox for Asterisk is for you. PBX systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you setup and configure your own Trixbox PBX you get all the features of these commercial systems and more. All of this can be done for around $500-$1000. If you don’t believe this or think it is too good to be true I run my commercial business phone system on Asterisk. You can call and hear a demo at 602 445 9816.

Antivirus 2009… And how to get rid of it

I have recently noticed clients callings of a complaint that they have severe spyware on their computers that they need removed.  Turns out there is a new thing going around called Antivirus 2009 or Antivirus 2008.  It tricks users to thinking that it is an antivirus program when in fact it is spyware itself.  Not to mention it’s a hell of a time to get rid of it.  I have recently found software they can combat this spyware it’s called Malwarebytes’ anti-malware.  It is a free program you can download it run a full scan and your problem should be resolved.
As a note to this you might want to consider your end users only having “user” access to a machine and not “administrator” access.  You can do this by removing them from the administrators group.  Now I’m not saying to not give them the login to the local administrator account but when they are doing their day to day activities they should probably not be running around with administrator access.  This is something we as network admins should also practice.  Why have the keys to the castle all the time if you only need them sometimes?  Use them when you need them don’t put your computer and your entire network at risk.

N2 Virtualization and VMWare Consulting Services

Like most businesses, you probably rely heavily on your server infrastructure. The scalability and reliability of your servers are a number one priority.

N2 Joins the Citrix Alliance Partner Program

N2 Network Solutions joins over 1,700 Citrix Alliance Partners that include independent software vendors, hardware vendors, security and strong authentication vendors, hosting and service providers, and consultants whose solutions target the enterprise creating a complete access infrastructure solution.