About Us

The mission of Velocity Technologies is to develop a strong, long-lasting relationship with our customers by thoroughly demonstrating our ability to design, implement, and support innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our vision is to establish a unique collaboration with our clients throughout the life-cycle of a project and we believe will be the basis of our success.  We’re confident that our expertise and careful approach will deliver the best performance for the best price.

Our performance history includes the design, construction and operation of some of the largest and most sophisticated data centers in the nation. Over the last 25 years we have given our clients the confidence they need when seeking a solution provider.

We understand the complex nature of critical facilities, and all of our technicians, project managers and engineers are well-versed in data center reliability as well as up-time. They consistently perform at a high level and pay meticulous attention to detail.

Our History

Jeremy Whittaker, President and founder, started his career with a computer consulting company which specialized in government and education in the early 2000’s.  After learning the policy and procedures required to run a successful consulting company Jeremy made the leap in 2004.  Since then N2 Network solutions has flourished as a consultant company in Arizona.  The original company was N2 Network Solutions.  In 2014 N2 Network Solutions partner with Velocity Solutions Group and changed our name to Velocity Technologies.

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