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Property Management

Velocity Solutions Technologies offers several direct management services, including Janitorial Services, Landscape Services and Full-Service Property Management.

Janitorial Services

A clean work environment is a productive work environment.

Velocity Solutions Technologies offers several janitorial services to keep your office clean and tidy. Leave for the night and come back to a spotless, comfortable workspace.

Landscape Services

A well-kept building invites happiness and pride

Velocity Solutions Technologies offers full landscaping services to keep your building and grounds tidy and serene, increasing your property value and maintaining a look of professionalism for you and your employees.

Full-Service Property Management

Combining our property management services, we can provide the complete package of cleanliness and serenity both outside and inside.

Velocity Solutions Technologies can provide a clean work environment, a well-tended property, and you can relax in the knowledge that your employees will be happy and proud to come into the office every morning.

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