ActiveSync not working when you travel?

If Activesync is not working when you travel you need to go in and change the settings that allows it to sync while roaming.  The setting can be found here.

A: Before changing synchronization settings, disconnect the phone from your PC.
  • On the phone Home screen, click Start > ActiveSync > Menu > Schedule.
  • Do one or more of the following:
    To sync Do this
    When you are working, or e-mail volume is high. Select an appropriately frequent interval in the Peak times list.
    When e-mail volume is low. Select a longer interval or As items arrive in the Off-peak times list.
    While roaming Select the Use above settings while roaming check box. To minimize roaming charges, clear the check box, and synchronize manually while roaming.
    When you click Send in Messaging on the phone Select the Send outgoing items immediately check box.
    No number is dialed when I call a contact.
    • Confirm that a phone number has been saved for that contact.
    • Reenter the phone number for the contact, if it is necessary.
Note: The device power-down timer is reset each time you synchronize. If you schedule a synchronization interval that is shorter than the time interval set for the device to automatically power down, the device will never turn off to save battery power.