Can't edit virtual machines once you upgrade to VMware 5.5 ESX and a virtual machine version 10

If you recently upgraded to VMware 5.5 you will notice this warning if you try to edit your virtual machines.
“You cannot use the vSphere Client to edit the settings of virtual machines of version 10 or higher.  Use the vSphere Web Client to edit the settings of this virtual machine.”
Unfortunately the vSphere Web Client is not free.  So while you could download this you would be running in trial mode.  The simplest fix for this issues is to follow the following steps.

  1. Power down your VM.
  2. Right click on your VM and “remove from inventory”.
  3. Browse to the datastore and download the VMX file associated with the machine.
  4. Open notepad and edit the VMX file.  Look for virtualHW.version = “10″
  5. Edit the 10 and simply change it to a 9.  Save the file
  6. Upload it back to your VMware server.
  7. Browse to your datastore and click on “Add VM to inventory”.
  8. Power your system back on.