How to setup the Samsung S3 for Exchange Account

Setting up a Samsung SIII for an Exchange server can be a little tricky.  But with these steps it will help you get it done.
First you want to click on your bottom right menu button on your phone you will get a menu, select settings.
Once in settings select add account.
Now select Microsoft Exchange Activesync.
On the Exchange server settings window you will want to use the same login and password that you would use when you login to your web interface or OWA to normally check your email.  It is also the same domainusername that you use when you login to your PC.  For the Exchange server name use the name in the URL from OWA.
Click ok on this next screen.
On the next screen you can set your preferences but here is a guide.
optionsOnce you have successfully set it up you now need to look for an email icon on your phone.

Outlook not finding Exchange 2010 server when trying to autoconfigure email

If you create your Mailbox database before the creation of a Client Access array or the installed a Client Access server within the Active Directory site, you’ll need to reconfigure the value of the RPCClientAccessServer property. If no Client Access server exists in the Active Directory site when the Mailbox database is created, the value of the RPCClientAccessServer property will be set to the FQDN of the Mailbox server. To configure the value of the RPCClientAccessServer property, use the following command.
Set-MailboxDatabase -RPCClientAccessServer
Once this command is ran reset IIS on your CAS server. Wait a few minutes and try Outlook again.

How to tell if someone is reading your email

Are you concerned that someone might be reading your email? You can sign up with a free website at a place like or where they provide you with your own free account. Of course the domain will be something like Make your domain name as unique as possible i.e. just ranndom letters. Then send yourself an email that says something like look at this confidential employee report @ If someone is snooping your email they will click the link and you’ll see the hit counter for the website go up every time.

Google hosted solutions

Do you have an organization of 1 may be 5 people? Do you wish you had more advanced email features, calendaring, Blackberry integration, collaboration, etc?
A Google hosted might be the best option for you. I run my personal email system on it and the features are very rich given the price….Free! Most small businesses feel the need to purchase a small business server. Which I’m not completely opposed to. But if you’re a new business on a budget go with Google, you’ll be happy you did. If that is still not enough for you did you know Arizona State University one of the largest universities in the United States use Google hosted?

Fax machines… And why do you still use one?

It still baffles me that people use fax machines. That is of course unless it is for the purposes of being able to receive faxes from out of date companies. But if that is the case you can sign up for a $10/month Efax account and get all of your faxes electronically via email. In todays day and age we have email and scanners. There is nothing else that is needed to create a PDF and send out an email with an attachment. Please throw out the clunky boxes and lets start cutting down on electricity.