Finally got ESXi up and running on my Intel i7 based processor system

So I was finally able to get ESXi up and running. You can see from my previous posts I’ve tried hacking my system I have finally given up after investing probably 30 hours of trying.
What I finally did was purchase this SAS controller from Amazon:
SuperMicro Uio Card Lsi 1068E Sas Controller Card
I also purchased an Intel pro/100 network adapter from Fry’s electronics which appears to be compatible using the e100 driver
I do have an Intel Pro/1000 pci x1 adapter in the mail. Once it arrives I can hopefully increase my bandwidth to 1GB opposed to the 100MB I’m running currently.
I’m still debating whether or not I want to convert my home machine into a permanent ESXi server. It would mean I would have to pull one of my old PC’s out of the closet as a workstation….ugh.