Getting or changing your SID in Windows

If you are looking for the SID in Windows you can download this utility which also allows you to change the SID, SID Changer.
It should also be noted that if you are “Ghosting” Or “imaging” an XP computer or 2003 or any Windows computer, you must ALWAYS change the SID! If you do not your network will think the PC’s are one in the same this can cause a ton of problems in your domian.

Backup your PC!

If you run a business and you do not backup your servers then you run a serious risk of losing all of your data. Backing up is so quick and easy it baffles me why people do not do it. If you use tapes then you can still pat yourself on the back because you’re backing up. But today external hard drives are so cheap. All you have to do is buy a USB 2.0 drive and backup to it. Tapes are a handful of problems and trust me you don’t want them when you have to do a restore.
Here are the steps I recommend:
1. Purchase an external hard drive. You can get a 1TB for about $99 at Fry’s Electronics.
a. If you are truly concerned about your data you should purchase 2 drives. Keep one in a safe deposit box or somewhere else off site. If your house gets broken into or catches fire you’ll wish you had done this.
2. Purchase a program called Acronis. It only costs $79 and it is well worth it.
a. Just a note on this. If you do not want to use Acronis then make sure you are using a backup software that images your PC not just backs up your files.
3. Configure Acronis to backup to your external drive. If you purchased two configure it to backup to them both. Make a full backup and take one hard drive offsite.