How to Create a ERD Commander 2009 R2 Recovery Disk

With Microsoft acquisition of Winternals you can no longer download their ERD disk pasted the 2005 version.  However, Microsoft has made it possible to create the disk manually.  Here are the steps.
First you need to download Microsoft’s Desktop Optimization Pack 2009 R2.  I have a technet subscription so I was able to download it.  Here are the methods to download it.
MVLS – MSDN – Technet
Once you get it downloaded you will see the following screen.  It is important to install the version of DaRT 6.5 that matches the system you are trying to diagnose.  Keep in mind if your host OS is 32-bit you cannot install the 64-bit versions of DaRT.  You would have to find a 64-bit OS to do this on.

Once this is complete launch ERD commander boot media wizard from the start menu.
Since I’m trying to create my ERD disk for Windows 7 I have to now point the wizard to my source files.

If for whatever reason you want to exclude tools you can do so here.

System sweeper is a utility that will scan your system for malicious and unwanted sofware.  Keep in mind that if you download the latest definitions you they will not be the latest if you use the CD 6 months down the road.  For that you must update your disk regularly.

This next screen allows you to add drivers.  For servers that use RAID cards or special drivers you must add them here.  Else you are not going to be able to use a lot of the tools because your CD will not recognize the OS.

I don’t personally install the debugging tools.  However, if you need to use them you can download the debugging tools for your respective OS and install them to your CD here.

Here you can point to where you want to save your ISO for burning or later burning.

For whatever reason if you want to add additional files you can do so here.

You are now finished!