Migrating a DHCP databse for Windows Server 2003 2008 or 2012 including SBS

Migrating a DHCP database can be done with three steps.
1.  On the old DHCP server run the command netsh dhcp server export C:dhcp.txt all
2.  Copy that file to the new DHCP server.
3.  Run this command to import it netsh dhcp server import C:dhcp.txt all

Exchange 2010 how to view a users folders sizes in Powershell

If you have a user who is receiving the following message:
“The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.”
They might be asking you what is taking up so much space.  There is a simply Powershell command you can run that will generate what folders are consuming the space.
Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -id | sort-object foldersize -descending | FT folderpath, foldersize, itemsinfolder -autosize
This will return something like this which you can give to the end user.
FolderPath                            FolderSize                    ItemsInFolder
———- ———- ————-
/Sent Items/Inbox                     1.793 GB (1,925,310,217 bytes)         16941
/Deletions                           1.046 GB (1,123,250,629 bytes)         10579
/Inbox                               865.8 MB (907,805,987 bytes)            7326
/Sent Items                          240.6 MB (252,339,324 bytes)            3194
/Sent Items/Deleted Items             45.5 MB (47,705,521 bytes)              672
/Recoverable Items                   8.272 MB (8,674,112 bytes)             2208
/Calendar                             5.487 MB (5,753,889 bytes)              1095
/Top of Information Store             3.216 MB (3,372,347 bytes)               38
/Drafts                              1000 KB (1,024,409 bytes)                18
/Contacts                             8.507 KB (8,711 bytes)                   20
/Deleted Items                        323 B (323 bytes)                         1
/Junk E-mail                          138 B (138 bytes)                          1
/Purges                               0 B (0 bytes)                             0
/Versions                             0 B (0 bytes)                              0
/Tasks                               0 B (0 bytes)                             0
/Journal                             0 B (0 bytes)                             0
/Conversation Action Settings         0 B (0 bytes)                             0
/Outbox                               0 B (0 bytes)                              0
/Notes                                0 B (0 bytes)                             0

Cannot save files in Outlook 2010

If you receive an error message in Outlook 2010 about saving file the fix is pretty simple.
microsoft outlook save“Cannot create file: photo.JPG.  Right-click the folder you want to create the file in, and then click Properties on teh shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder.”
What happened is the temp folder for Outlook is missing or corrupt.  The fix is:
Go to the C: drive and create a folder named temp0
Run regedit, browse to the location HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice14.0OutlookSecurity and enter the key below.
fixReboot the PC and you’re all fixed up!

How to install Microsoft Windows Server 2012 in a few easy steps

Like its predecessors Server 2012 is only available for 64-bit processors. Which shouldn’t be a problem for any modern server.
The first step is like all other server installations, insert the DVD and hit reboot your server.
This is the first screen you will see. It is pretty self explanatory so I won’t go over it.
The next screen as well is self explanatory. You will need your key to install.
You will next need to decide if you’re going to do a server core installation which is not a GUI or if you want the normal Windows Server that you’re used to with a start menu.
Accept the license… You have no other choice.
Since this is a new installation we will select custom here. If we were upgrading we would obviously select the upgrade option.
You will now need to select the disk that you’re going to install Windows to. Hopefully you have created a RAID for redundancy.
That’s it! Sit back and watch the install.
You will now need to choose a password.
You now have the Windows Server 2012 login page.
You’re now in Windows!

Make a Wish International

Make a Wish International located in the Biltmore area needed an affordable IT solution.  They currently use N2 Network Solutions to support their existing infrastructure which composes of a Cisco, Citrix, and Microsoft solutions.

Free Screen Video Recorder from Microsoft

People who do presentations or need to record what they are doing need an app that will record their mousemovements and screen.  Most people do not know that Microsoft has a free program to do this.  It’s called Windows Media Encoder.  More information can be found here,

Office 2010

Microsoft confirmed that they will be releasing Office 2010 in June of 2010.  It is codenamed Office 14.  This will be their first version to support 64-bit processors.  So you will not have the 4GB memory limit in your future Office suites if you go with the x64 version.  32-bit users not worry there will be two versions.  Another new feature of Office 2010 is a web based version.  It is said Microsoft will also offer a free web based version with ads.

Can't open Word and Excel docs from a friend/colleague?

If you are currently experiencing a problem where you’re running Word or Excel and a friend sends you a document and you cannot open it then you need the compatibility pack. When Microsoft release it’s latest Office suite they changed the extension of the files from doc to docx and xls to xlsx. This means that users who run older versions of this software will not be able to open files from users who have created the file in the latest version. There is however a fix for this. Just download the Microsoft compatibility pack here.