Scalable Server Infrastructure Using Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Many corporate data centers have gradually grown quite fat over the last ten years of development. The physical servers are now a minority, and the virtual servers have taken over on an unprecedented scale and this has made infrastructure heavier than most had expected.
The starting point was well actually to reduce or even get more out of what we already had. Out of this diverse development a new technology emerged almost instantly, and the scalable server infrastructure is now quite incredible in scope when it comes to virtualization supporting software, storage, or application integration.
The concept “Hyperconverged Infrastructure” was born in this new morass, seeking to create value on several of these fronts by collecting the necessary hardware components in a single stack, thus using something smart software to a greater or lesser degree that could automate deployment of machines or using Click’N’Drop templates. All this to simplify and shorten the IT department workflows in the provision of new services.
Scalable Server Infrastructure to Gage into the Future
The most important argument for Hyper Convergence is an oversimplification of virtual environments. Additional capacity can be added via scale-out by simply pushing another x86 server in the rack. Its mass storage can be quickly integrated into the storage pool. Hyper Convergence consists in its simplicity exclusively of physical servers with smart software can provide both compute, storage, hypervisor and management – and all in a super ‘scale-out’ format.
The Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions can scale in unusually large scale, which also makes them relevant to the enterprise-level. Imagine if a company is about to replace its infrastructure or to buy into new projects – for example, VDI or BI, often hardware-intensive projects. So one might, therefore, consider a software-based solution. Until now, you had to buy components for network servers and not least storage infrastructure, thus budget typically would be of a significant size. Not to mention the need for skilled IT resources to the various disciplines.
Nutanix has the solutions
The inherent logic of storage and computing power is evident not only in the growth of the necessary capacity but even as the needs of different applications. The smartest suppliers of ‘Hyperconvergence’, for example, Nutanix, are going to change this image and deliver more accessible, open and scalable server infrastructure than previously seen.
Nutanix responded with various equipped appliances that contain either more or less RAM, CPUs, or storage. The Hyperconverged Infrastructure of Nutanix is the ideal platform for IT services with high standards of performance, availability and flexibility. The fully integrated design combines x86 compute and storage nodes in a single appliance.
Inspired by SAN-less distributed systems that Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter use, Nutanix provides a unique and integrated platform for virtualized data centers without a SAN. The Nutanix technology integrates storage and computing power in a single device that scales from 3 to hundreds of nodes. This next generation concept is a simple, affordable, flexible and ultra-fast data center, virtualized applications that can run in all its simplicity.
A Nutanix system is a combined solution, which consists of storage systems, means of communication and processing power for the processing of information. By matching the requirement of storage as well as on both compute power, the solution is linearly scalable.
The software-based solution is delivered as a bundled solution in an appliance. The Controller VM (CVM) is the location where the intelligence of the Nutanix software is included. The standardized and modular design allows to add additional appliances and to connect as many nodes as needed to form a complete unit. This creates a software-defined data center, which is easily managed through intelligent software and a unified interface.
The advantages of Nutanix’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure is to bring any company size and industry a tremendous benefit through scalable server infrastructure. An advantage of this is that it is not necessary to change hardware components, but a software update can be used to replace a hardware upgrade.
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