What to do when you run out of space on your c: drive

If you have a server running out of space there are a couple of temporary things you can do to save your server. First things first browse to c:documents and settings Here you will find all of your users accounts. You should go into each one and delete the following two folders “temp” and “temporary internet files”. You will be surprised how much space this will free up.
The next step you should do is move your pagefile from your C: drive to your D: drive(if you have one). DO NOT move it to an external USB drive. This process can be done by right clicking on my computer. Going to properties. From here select the “advanced” tab. Click the settings button under the performance section. From here select the advanced tab. There will be a section labeled virtual memory from here click the change button. Finally we are at the window where we can change the location of the pagefile. From here you can see the hard drives installed on your machine. Click your C: drive and set it to “no paging file” then click the set button. Next click your other drive and click “system managed size” then click set. From here just click OK until you are out of all these windows. Now you can reboot your PC and safely delete the file labeled pagefile.sys from your C: drive. Don’t worry if you messed something up it will not allow you to delete this file. You also may be surprised to notice a performance increase from this setting.