LCD or Plasma?

I know this is a topic is a little off for this blog. But I’ve been faced with this issue from many clients who are looking to install flat screens on their walls at their place of business. This is going to be short and sweet. Go with LCD! I know the price of Plasma can look inviting, you can get more bang for your buck etc. However, I promise you will come to regret this. Plasma’s get very hot and do not last very long. If you’re going to be running a TV all the time, especially so close to the wall, then you do not want it over heating. If you know anything about electronics you know that heat can wear them down very quickly. Simply stated the hotter they run the more apt they are to fail.
Now comes the question so many options which one should I choose? Here is my personal preference:
1. Make sure it supports 1080P this is the latest in high def technology
2. Go and see the TV in person! If you are like me and you love to shop online then fine, but go see the TV on display somewhere. All of the rest of the measurements of performance are worthless. You need to look at the signal with your eye and determine what looks best to you. Some of these cheap TV’s look enticing because of price, I promise they will look sub par when you get them.