Remotely change critical settings on a Pix or ASA device

If you are remotely configuring a Cisco ASA or Pix there is always the concern that you’ll change a setting that will take down the network and you will have to head onsite to gain access back in to the device.  One way to circumvent this problem is by doing the following.
First get to the CLI and type the following command
reload in 10
What this command does is it tells the device to reboot in 10 minutes.  Now you have 10 minutes to change the settings you want.  If the settings do not knock out your connectivity and everything is working as expect then you can simply issue the command.
reload cancel
Now your device will not reload and you have safely made the changes you needed to make.
However, had you made a change that knocked out entire network connectivity or hindered your ability to manage the device whether it was through telnet, ssh, adsm, or whatever the device will reload in 10 minutes and you’ll be back to your flash config and not your running.