Have a laptop that is running slow?

Most people that have slow running laptops can usually get it running top notch again with about a $50 investment heres how:
When you first bought your laptop you were probably conservative on the memory because of the price of it. However, recently memory prices have dropped significantly. What does this mean for you? It means you can put the highest maximum amount of memory in your laptop now for cheap, which was probably not cost efficient when you first purchased. Here is the first step find the model of your laptop it should be somewhere on the front. Then browse over to Kinston. Now just as a note I don’t personally endorse kingston or their memory. However, the tool they have on their website is one of the best around. You can find it on the top right hand corner. From here you simply select your manufacturer of your PC and it will give you all of the info you need, the max memory your computer supports and what to buy. On a note here you should right click on my computer and go to properties just to verify how much memory you currently have installed. You may already be tapped out on the max you can put in your machine.