enable SSH on Cisco router

config t
ip domain-name
crypto key generate rsa usage-keys modulus 1024
wr mem

Changing the default password for Asterisk freePBX

You need to change the default password for Asterisk freePBX or else the entire world will know it. You can do it by SSH to the server and typing:
mysqladmin -u asteriskuser -p password newpass
It will then prompt you for the old password which should be amp109 then it will be changed.
Once it is changed you must update the following files:

Adding SSH capability to ESXi

Go to the ESXi console and press alt+F1
Type: unsupported
Enter the root password
At the prompt type “vi /etc/inetd.conf”
Look for the line that starts with “#ssh” (you can search with pressing “/”)
Remove the “#” (press the “x” if the cursor is on the character)
Save “/etc/inetd.conf” by typing “:wq!”
Restart the management service “/sbin/ restart”