Mounting ISO images to ESXi

If you are trying to mount ISO CD-rom images to ESXi so that you don’t have to physically burn the disc. Here is how.
1. Download a program called WinSCP. This allows you to use SSH to transfer files.
2. Open WinSCP to /vmfs/volumes/[name of your data store] then create a directory called ISOS.
3. Copy the downloaded ISO files from your PC to the ISOS folder.
4. Open Vmware infrastructure client right click on your server and go to edit settings.
5. You can either create another virtual CD rom drive or you can mount your ISO to your existing one.
6. Click on the CD/DVD Drive 1 in your options. On the right hand side select Datastore ISO file. Now simply browse to your ISO and you can mount it as if it were an inserted CD/DVD.